My name is Einar Öberg and I’m a developer at North Kingdom in Stockholm.

I’m a self-thought programmer that embraces every language and technique available as long as it solves my idea and vision. I could have made a long list of software and languages here (as many people do when writing CV’s) and pretend I’m an expert of em. To be modest, I can’t say I truly master more than a few of them. In ads and campaigns you have to invent the wheel over and over to make the next one stand out from the rest. So I’m better of using a little bit of everything rather than being fixed to small toolbox. This makes me feel like a beginner every time I start a new project, but that also leads to experiencing a constant learning-process. And that’s a must for a programmer. It’s more about the years of experience that makes the difference in the end. The ability to know what and where to research and sometimes, know the limitations and workarounds.

One of my other passions, besides family and coding, is music. I have played the trumpet for about 25 years and enjoying making music the digital way as well. Check out my 9-piece  soul-cover-band Dextrosoul or some tunes over at MySpace. I have to admit that career is on hold right now. Hopefully, I will pick it up some day.

If you want to contact me, please send me a mail to einaroberg at gmail -dot- com.