Plus & Minus


This is a small game that my oldest daughter Hilda helped me out with. We made this so she could practice basic math numbers, addition and subtraction, in a fun and simple way. When you answer correctly the guard let you into the gate and another track is added to the soundtrack, evolving the music as you go. The country-inspired music is a 8 bar loop with multiple tracks made in Logic. Every track is added to the WebAudioAPI-powered sound controller and starts to play at the same time to keep sync. I found this neat helper to quickly put it together. Each track gets it’s own volume-control.  The drawings is captured with an iPhone camera, a really quick way to getting the graphics in. Animations and transitions is managed with CSS3/SASS and a little bit of Javascript to trigger them and add some logic. The game also have support for touch-input and various screen-sizes, so you can practice on the school-bus.

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