Clove orange

One last post before the holidays. Some days ago I posted a link to a WebGL christmas craft demo made with three.js. For those wondering what this was about: It’s called a “Christams Orange Pomander”,  a decoration that we use to do in Sweden and some other European countries around Christmas. You put cloves, that nice fragrant spice, into an orange or clementine. Just random or like me, in structured patterns. Put some silk ribbons around it and hang them somewhere for a nice christmas atmosphere. Try to make your own here. The fun part is to attach the cloves with javascript, just open the “into code?”-button and play around. As an example, the image above loads and plots a twitter-avatar on the orange. You can also save your orange as an image or share the 3D version with an unique url.

I want to take the opportunity to thank all readers and followers for a great year! I’m amazed that over 62.000 users found this little blog. I have really enjoyed experimenting and doing demos to share with you. Many blogs in the community has disappeared in favor to instant twitter publishing. I will also continue to use Twitter as a important channel, but I will also try to keep this space updated as well, since I can go a little deeper and do some write-ups about the techniques behind.

Next year has even more in store for me. I will join the talented people over at North Kingdom, Stockholm. Exciting future ahead!

Enjoy your holiday and see you next year!