There have been a lot of things to deal with lately so I have kept a low profile online. But last night I finally did a little experiment. It’s a little toy to make models made of cubes in away3d. Or infact, there is just ordinary planes. I suspect that it should be much faster if I created the geometry inside i single object, but this was fast enough for this experiment.

The material of choice is a WhiteShadingBitmapMaterial. The shadows are baked into the bitmap depending on the surrounding nodes. To render the shadow I use fillRect-method on the BitmapData. To make the shadows more soft I use the diffuse-color, but with lower brightness. When all shadow-rectangles are drawn the bitmap is blurred with applyFilter. The shadows was added to get a kind of fake ambient occlusion. Each cube, or node, has it’s own position in a 3d-grid (multidimensional array). When a plane is clicked a new node and its corresponding planes is created, animated and evaluated. If there is any doublets or planes inside the structure, it’s removed.

Click on the some of the models for a closeup view. Or just try it out yourself: Extrude the cube, dude!


I have been a huge fan of voxels and voxel-engines lately. I know it’s pretty big and few voxels, but let me call this a micro-voxel-editor please 😉