FlashTerrain – Lets make landscapes

It’s finally time to render a landscape with all the different parts that I have covered so far.

I’m really curious of your output and render-time, so please upload it to the gallery when you created your own landscape. The gallery will be published as soon as I got a collection of images.

This tool is in a very experimental phase and this applications using pretty much memory and CPU-power. There is plenty of memory-leaks and optimization that has to be fixed. But for now, I don’t want to focus on that. Some calculations freezing the player for a while. But I think that the tolerance-level is higher if the user can see the progress both with a bar and status-notifications. Notice the effect when drawing the geometry above sea-level. It’s completely cosmetic and waste of CPU but makes it looks more advanced 🙂

FlashTerrain demo

Post production

I have also added the possibility to do some adjustments on the result. For now you can change the colorMatrix (brightness, contrast, hue and saturation) and add some sharpening.

Save / upload

If you have a flickr account, you can save it to your own photostream. Or upload to the public gallery, also using flickr, but a account dedicated to FlashTerrain. Or of course, encode the image to a jpg and save it to your desktop.

Credits and useful links so far

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